Razatuša Oil Bottle

Andrija Buljević Family Brač, Croatia

Red Dot Awarded Packaging Design

Background and brief

Razatuša is a family-produced olive oil. Made from handpicked olives extra virgin olive oil 'Razatuša' is characterized by
specific fruit flavour, moderate bitternes, delicate smell of healthy and ripe olive
fruit and characteristic green olive colour.

Our Solution

The label for Razatuša is printed on raw cotton fabric and stitched through. That way we avoided the imprecise hand labelling or using an automatic labelling machine, and we emphasized the charm of family, hand-made production.

Illustrations: Tomislav Tomić

Services Provided

Logo Design & Signage
Packaging & Product Design
Visual Identity

Project Completion Date

Spring 2011

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RED DOT Design Award 2012 Best Packaging