360° by Jeffrey Vella

Dubrovnik, Croatia

A mix of regional and imaginative

Background and brief

A spectacular venue located in the Old town of Dubrovnik with stunning views and a stylish atmosphere became in 2012 a set for Jeffrey’s Vella culinary creations.

Our Solution

Restaurant 360° offers modern approach to Mediterranean cuisine with distinct ingredients, highly seasonal menus and a signature approach to hospitality. Creatively presented food integrates local ingredients with new techniques and recipes to keep the menu full of delicious selections and inventive combinations.

Services Provided

Cocktail Creations
Culinary Directions
Culinary Training
Styling Directions
Tableware Directions

Project Completion Date

Winter 2012

Project Team

Jeffrey Vella

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Listed as one of the best restaurants in the region by the New York Times, The Daily Mirror lifestyle travel, I-village, World Travel guide, secret Dalmatia & local media