February 2024

The restaurant Mediterraneo by Jeffrey Vella Maldives is now oficially opened

The restaurant Mediterraneo by Jeffrey Vella in the Maldives will offer some very classic Mediterranean favorites like pecorino risotto, as well as more modern dishes like tuna in cucumber veloute or scallops with lemon gel. Mediterraneo is located in the Taj Exotica Resort, so we are looking forward to another of the successful global adventures of Maltese-Croatian chef Jeffrey Vella.

January 2024

Pinia Pool Bar & Lounge is under construction

Pinia Pool Bar & Lounge forms part of the outdoor swimming pool area of Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel in Mlini bay with the view to sea promenade and park in front.

The design is a careful combination of local traditional and contemporary materials, created with the idea of ​​a perfect place to relax by the pool and the sea, so visitors have a feeling of pleasant luxury. The spacious area of ​​this bar, freely available to hotel guests and locals in evening hours, call to revel, explore Mediterranean flavours and soak up the laid-back vibes.

December 2023

Jeffrey Vella won the Chef of the Year Award 2023

For the second year in a row, Jeffrey Vella won the Chef of the Year award of Kult Plava Kamenica, while his restaurant, Rovinj's Cap Aureo, was named Restaurant of the Year for the second year in a row.

More than 55 professionals from the Croatian restaurant industry participated in the selection for the Chef of the Year. Congratulations!

December 2023

Cap Aureo was chosen Restaurant of the Year 2023

Rovinj's fine dining restaurant Cap Aureo won first place with 160 points in this year's selection for Restaurant of the Year, organized by Kult Plave Kamenice with the support of Irinox. This is the second consecutive triumph of chef Jeffrey Vella's high-style restaurant, located in Rovinj's Grand Park Hotel.

Cap Aureo is the most prominent restaurant in Croatia, which provides an exciting, innovative and educational gastronomic experience of high international rank, along with all the other elements of classic fine dining.

October 2022

Award for the best high-category hotel restaurant

The best high-category hotel restaurant is Cap Aureo from the Istrian Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, a restaurant whose kitchen is sovereignly ruled by chef Jeffrey Vella.

Carefully selected local ingredients, Vella's virtuoso-composed plates and top-notch service deserved the highest award at the 11th edition of the most famous Croatian gastronomic competition Dobri restorani.

June 2022

'Al Meni' event in Rimini

Chef Jeffrey Vella from Rovinj's Cap Aureo restaurant will join an exceptional gastronomic event under the baton of Massimo Bottura in Rimini on June 18th and 19th 2022.

Chef Vella will take part in an event called 'Al Meni', an event in which Massimo Bottura brings together 12 chefs from the Emilia Romagna region and 12 international chefs who will cook together and celebrate the region's exceptional products.

May 2022

Weekend food festival Rovinj 2022

Weekend food festival is unique event that brings together the very best experts in gastronomy, catering, mixology, oil and coffee from Croatia and around the world.

At Cap Aureo, the Gala Dinner – Forest, will be prepared by Ana Roš from Hiša Franko, whose team includes the world’s best pastry chef, Maša Salopek, rounding off this special dinner with her desserts. Santiago Lastra, a chef from London’s KOL, who was named best chef in 2021 by GQ magazine, will also present his skills.

Along with the host Jeffrey Vella, the Croatian gastro scene will be represented by Hrvoje Kroflin from the ManO2 restaurant.

February 2022

Flex hotel brand design

FLEX is the name of a new economical brand of hometels which blends the aspects of hotels and vacation rentals, short-term rentals with hotel-style standards and branding plus amenities like concierge service, in-unit laundry, and full kitchens for a long-term stay.

FLEX offers ultra personalised experience for each guest, throughout all stages of the guest journey – from flexible planning and booking, flexible stay, services and fees to arriving back home and re-living their hometels memories.

December 2021

F&B Standards for Raffles The Palm Dubai

With each restaurant or dining space, there should be a theme, a story to tell, an experience to be given, to make a guest return, not just because of the ‘package’ they are on, but because we have given them the best of all experiences.

F&B Standards proposed for Raffles The Palm Dubai go beyond what is expected, give an experience that is worth talking about, worth taking pictures.

September 2021

The new Istrian cuisine in Cap Aureo Rovinj

Jeffrey Vella and his team in Cap Aureo are exploring the different possibilities of transforming local and seasonal ingredients, which is the definition of modern gastronomy.

Through this research work, which gives impressively tasty results, Vella is just sketching and somewhat codifying the manuscript of the new Istrian cuisine.

June 2021

'Zmajska pivovara' beer labels design

We present you design of the beer labels for the brewery 'Zmajska pivovara'. The idea of this experimental series is to brew a small batch of 'one time only' master brewer's beers.

We called the edition 'Brewer's concoction' and design it as a torn out paper, from a brewer's notebook, with the ingredients and main characteristics of the 'batch' written on it.

The only 'designed' element on the label is an illustration, and a beer name 'stamped' over the torn out paper.

May 2021

Shanghai Kitchen Visual Identity

Our logo for the new brand of Chinese restaurants adorns recently opened Shanghai Kitchen restaurant located near Grand Place in Brussels.

Inspired by China’s culture and customs, the restaurant delivers authenticity and pay tribute to its ancient rituals. Shanghai Kitchen will be a change of scenery for some or a connection with their roots for others.

March 2021

Educational trail design in the forests of Kutina

The project of educational trail in the forests of Kutina aims to encourage the use and further emphasize the recreational, tourist and health benefits of forests by making them more accessible to local population.

The idea of moving along the educational trail is the gradual discovery of the Kutina forest secrets, and the theme of passing through time is reflected in the design of park equipment, such as entrance portals, info panels, signposts, benches, tables.

Dozen of info panels across 3km long educational forest trail will bring interesting facts about the forest life and its surroundings with the writings and design specially adapted to younger age.

January 2021

New Year Menu at Cap Aureo restaurant

Cap Aureo New Year’s Eve menus have been designed to offer the best multisensory restaurant experience and they are all inspired by the scents and tastes of our picturesque surroundings.

Being located on the 5th floor, this restaurant features a glass wall terrace overlooking the marina and the old town of Rovinj.

November 2020

A Pinch of Design via Croatia & Spain

We thank Croatian Hub for a lovely interview about our Croatian & Spanish creatives supporting European hospitality businesses.

In gastronomy, we cover market and customer profiling, brief and menu development, food and drink creations, implementation and training and operations support. When it comes to branding, we cover everything from brand creation and positioning, visual identity and signage, uniform and menu design, and web design.

Design with a pinch of smile stands for architecture, interior design, retail and offices.

Our innovative and super-specialised team brings to life a diverse range of projects.

October 2020

Simfonija meeting rooms at Royal Astorija Hotel

Simfonija conference hall at Royal Astorija Hotel is transformed to a modern minimalist meeting space that can be divided into two meeting rooms and accomodate up to 200 attendees.

Royal Astorija Hotel lies in the heart of Vilnius Old Town and showcases architecture that dates back to 1901. The historic and cultural importance of the building was one of the most relevant value within ground floor redesign project that brings new image to the hotel as part of Radisson Collection brand, a new generation of iconic properties and one-of-a-kinds.

August 2020

Jeffrey Vella is just inventing Istrian-Scandinavian fusion

Jeffrey Vella is cooking phenomenally in the second season of Cap Aureo in Rovinj's Grand Park Hotel, as stated by the gastronomic portal Kult Plave Kamenice in the article published on the 14th of August.

Vella's techniques are superior, his ingredients are top-notch, local and seasonal, mostly with the name and surname of the manufacturer, and his huge talent, knowledge and truly unique life energy have turned Cap Aureo into a very unique experiment on the small Croatian scene of real haute cuisine.

June 2020

Cap Aureo Signature Restaurant is reopened

Upon challenging lockdown times in Europe caused by Covid-19, Grand Park Hotel in Rovinj has reopened its doors, welcoming guests at Cap Aureo Signature Restaurant with a new exciting menu designed by Jeffrey Vella.

Cap Aureo is a fine dining restaurant, known for its culinary explorations. Being located on the Grand Hotel Park's 5th floor, this restaurant features a glass wall terrace overlooking the marina, Katarina Island and the old town of Rovinj. Cap Aureo brings a premium visual and olfactory experience inspired by the scents and tastes of the rich Mediterranean park.

June 2020

Prostoria's Forest Wonderland

We have enjoyed at Prostoria's launch event presenting Design Novelties in the inspiring green setting of the Forest Wonderland, nearby Prostoria’s factory where their products are made of local wood.

Croatian brand Prostoria was created from the desire to communicate a love for aesthetics with detail focused manufacturing. Thanks to Petar Santini for the lovely pictures!

February 2020

Rad Pets Amenities Design

A special set of items were designed for all guests traveling with their fury four-legged companions and staying at the Radisson Hotels.

We wanted our special animal guests to experience the care and comfort that Radisson hotels offer their human guests. And also, no less important, we want them to look very stylish surrounded by our chic amenities.

The colours are natural and soft, following Radisson brands palette. We are obviously leaning onto the Rad Family style with the illustrations as well, but this time we are much more loud and bold, with big ornaments and joyous patterns, using the lines that are less geometrical and more freehand, although still in precise vector style. We want to picture the world the way our pets see it, happy and bright.

November 2019

International Competition Award for new Zadar Airport

Our team members won the International Competition Award for new Zadar airport building featuring arrival and departure terminals, administration offices, shops, restaurants & bars for the planned 2.5 million passengers.

August 2019

Cap Aureo high-end modern cuisine

Jeffrey Vella prepares at Cap Aureo a modern, progressive European cuisine whose flavours and textures are dramatically superior to any other place in surroundings. These are foods that are equally hedonistic and intellectual and that connects Croatia to the world's leading gastronomic values.

July 2019

Welcome to the Rad World

Radisson Hotel Group is launching a new global brand orientated towards families searching for a perfect hotel stay. A set od specially designed characters and items have been created for the brand, from welcome bag to restaurant, room and bathroom amenities, all including authentic, playful illustrations that also aim to be environmentally conscient and culturally sensitive.

Upon arrival, kids receive a welcome bag with specially designed gifts. Kid’s Corner at breakfast provide a selection of healthy and tempting products targeted at kids with dedicated Kids Menus suitable for all ages with drawing and games on the back and specially designed Kids plates & cutlery. The experience becomes even more exciting when staying in one of our Family Rooms or enjoying one of our comfy extra beds with a special set of bathroom amenities awaiting in the room together with our Rad Family special mascot Lumi!

June 2018

A new gin bar and authentic wine cellar in Vilnius

For more than 20 years already, the Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel, Vilnius has been part of the old town of Vilnius. And from now on, guests can enjoy a drink in the new gin bar and authentic wine cellar.

More than 40 different types of gin are available in the new bar, ranging from well-known international brands to unique distilleries, as well 13 types of tonic. There will also be a small library in the long run, where guests can learn more about the gin culture. Next to the gin bar, the Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel, Vilnius also hosts a unique wine cellar.

May 2019

Nomination for the German Design Awards 2020

The German Design Council awards honour the best design achievements at an international level, drawing unique public attention to design and brand expertise. Organised by the German Design Council – the German centre of competence for design, branding and innovation – and judged by an international jury of experts, this competition enjoys the highest reputation.

April 2019

Top restaurants at recently opened Grand Hotel Park Rovinj

Recently opened Grand Park is the biggest luxury hotel in Istria with several venues. From bespoke dining to laid-back snacks or refreshing drinks, everything is served at the highest level and with a side dish of spectacular vistas.

Jeffrey Vella, as Maistra's culinary advisor, is responsible for the work of a total of 96 chefs in various Park restaurants.

March 2019

A true taste of Italy in Riga

Park Inn by Radisson Riga Valdemara has recently added a new Executive Chef to the roster at its Bocca Buona Restaurant.

A man with a passion for Italian cuisine, and the skills to make it utterly delectable, Fabrizio Righetti is bringing the authentic flavor of homecooked Italian food to Riga.

January 2019

The construction works at Royal Astorija hotel have officially started

Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel – located in the Old Town of Vilnius – just recently added new rooms and celebrated 20th birthday and now continues making investments to renew the lobby, library, bar and conference centre.

The opening of the conference centre is scheduled at the end of February. Renovation works of other spaces will be completed by May.

November 2018

Award-Winning Maltese Chef is causing a stir in Croatia

Jeffrey James Vella discovered his passion for cooking at an early age in his native Malta. He worked for major hotel chains in London, the United Arab Emirates, Italy and he also created brands for Radisson Hotel Group in Brussel, Belgium, before coming to Zagreb. Chef Jeffrey is also Co-Founder at A Pinch of Design.

Read on to learn how Jeffrey began his career, what future trends he sees and what’s behind A Pinch of Design.

September 2018

Royal Astorija hotel conversion to Radisson Collection brand

The Royal Astorija Hotel showcases architecture that dates back to 1901 and lies in the heart of Vilnius Old Town. The historic and cultural importance of the building was one of the most relevant value within ground floor redesign project that brings new image to the hotel as part of Radisson Collection brand, a new generation of iconic properties and one-of-a-kinds.

August 2018

Uncompromising fine dining at Monte Mulini's Wine Vault

Jeffrey Vella took the lead of Monte Mulini's fine dining restaurant Wine Vault in Rovinj, part of Maistra's luxury hotels, creating a clean, uncompromising and very modern high cuisine that can not be compared to any other in Croatia.

June 2018

Makar Bar Dubai opens its doors to all whisky and cigar lovers

We are glad to present you a couple of pictures from recently opened Makar Bar at Radisson Blu Waterfront Dubai.

Makar ‘snug’ bar, cigar emporium and eatery, is a comfortable and secluded grown-up space that offers a range of whisky, served by a discreet service in a relaxed ambience of chunky seating with a ‘cotton-wool’ effect of music & lighting.

June 2018

Thanks to Missana for the honourable mention

It's an honor to be featured on Missana web page with our project of Bocca Buona restaurant at Park Inn by Radisson Zurich Airport. Their Oslo chairs and barstools have perfectly fit into Bocca Buona restaurants.

May 2018

Interview for Designed

Among the numerous awarded graphic and packaging projects in last twelve years of work, the visual identity of A Pinch of Design agency was also presented in the interview given for Designed online magazine. Designed is a reference platform for visual communication in the region, covering on the most relevant design topics.

March 2018

Humor and drawing as a universal language

A wonderful interview with our Pâtissière Extraordinaire - Booboo Tannenbaum - talking about illustrations, Berlin inspirations, drawing exercises, collaborations across Europe and cakes. The interview forms part of Vizkultura's project 'Dia: Forme' in co-operation with Goethe-Institut.

February 2018

The First Cocktail Masterclass Zagreb

The First Cocktail Masterclass Zagreb was conducted on the 26th February by the internationally renowned bartender Simone Caporale. Simone is winner of the World best bar awards in 2012-2015, also proclaimed as International bartender of the year 2014.

All praise to our Soul Shaker, Marijan Maksan, who is behind the Zagreb Cocktail Story initiative, for a great contribution to positioning Zagreb on the world cocktail map.

February 2018

Swiss minimalism & Italian experience

Today we have been published in Beijing by Gooood Magazine.

Since it's inception in 2010, Gooood has expanded rapidly into the most popular and influential architecture, landscape, design and art online magazine and community.

February 2018

The most influential Croatian chef

Jeffrey Vella is featured on the list of seven most influential Croatian chefs of the 21st century, as published by gastronomy portal Kult Plave Kamenice.

'Jeffrey Vella is technically probably the most competent Croatian chef. Vella's enormous knowledge spread from the Esplanade, through Dubrovnik, via street food in Zagreb to the experimental-commercial JV at Barbieri's'.

February 2018

Creative design for a Swiss hotel

We are pleased to see a huge social media coverage about Park Inn by Radisson Zürich Airport hotel & restaurant design, this time in lifestyle magazine Journal.

The recently completed project includes the complete hotel's ground floor redesign - lobby, reception, Bocca Buona restaurant and bar. The design and ambience aimed to fit the lobby into the Park Inn next generation style, but keeping a reference to Swiss minimalist architecture, with more neutral colors and simple shapes.

February 2018

Bocca Buona comes to Zurich

The successful Bocca Buona Italian restaurant concept has arrived in Switzerland! Following successful openings in Nice, Riga and Stuttgart, the restaurant now offers something completely new to the region around Zurich Airport, with high-quality, yet simple, cuisine and ambience.

February 2018

Interview with Marijan Maksan

Marijan Maksan has been holding a high level cocktail offer in Dežman's passage for years. First in Dežman Bar, and then in his younger brother Dežman Mini Bar, where he has been the head bartender and author of the concept since its inception.

Maksan's latest project, Zagreb Cocktail Story, is bringing to Zagreb one of the world's most famous barmen, Simone Caporale, who will held the first cocktail masterclass in which will convey his knowledge and experience to local barmen.

February 2018

Frische Pasta und frisches Design

Grand opening of Bocca Buona at Park Inn Zurich Airport hotel has been covered by several Swiss newspapers and portals, such as Hotel Revue, Rümlanger and Zürcher Unterländer.

February 2018

Dynamic interior for a powerful impact

Many thanks to Vizkultura, the largest portal of Visual Arts and Culture in region, for such a nice article about us and our latest project for Park Inn by Radisson Zürich Airport hotel.

A Pinch of Design agency is dedicated to strategic identity creation and operational support to restaurants, bars and hotels with headquarters in Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Barcelona.

January 2018

Jeffrey Vella at Barbieri's

The menu created at Barbieri's by Jeffrey Vella unanimously confirmed him as a top chef, as emphasized in the most cited newspapers in Croatia.

Radovan Marčić for the newspaper Jutarnji list wrote: 'Barbieri - Vella's partnership is already the highlight of the Croatian fine dining restaurant style. If this partnership continues developing, it could be one of the most trustworthy addresses of high cuisine in Croatia.'

January 2018

Flavour Inspector at the Great African Run

Our very respective Flavour Inspector Goran Turković starts today the Great African Run. We will follow Goran and his Rally Dogs team from Budapest to Bamako on this largest amateur rally in the world. Wishing you more than a Pinch of good luck & fun!

January 2018

Bocca Buona crew is featured on Momentum Rezidor

The Bocca Buona Restaurant has been a roaring success with guests at the Park Inn by Radisson Stuttgart Hotel in Germany. Meet the man behind the meals, Rezidor's expert Executive Chef Michael Steeb, as he shares his top tips for Italian home cooking.

December 2017

Restaurant transfer of the year

Chef Jeffrey Vella started a new venture in partnership with Franko Barbieri. From December 2017, the former restaurant Barbieri's will be called JV at Barbieri's.

'Mr. Vella, the former chef of the Hotel Esplanade, who has been participating in the opening of a number of restaurants across Europe and who runs a successful Oranž Street food, has just presented the first menu for JV at Barbieris to Zagreb gastro scene.'

December 2017

Bocca Buona Workshop

Bocca Buona workshop & culinary training, organised by Concept Curator Jeffrey Vella and Rezidor's Area Executive Chef Bernd Kirsch, will be held from the 2nd till 6th of December 2017 at Park Inn Valdemara Riga for the chefs and F&D managers from currently five Bocca Buona restaurants.

November 2017

Booboo Tannenbaum is Pinched!

A great illustrator and graphic designer Booboo Tannenbaum has joined our team to prepare a series of custom-made wall graphics for the lobby at Park Inn by Radisson Zurich Airport Hotel.

The inspiration for artworks we took from the very rich art history of Zürich in the 1920ies, with references to expressionism, surrealism and dadaism in form and shape, but we still wanted to keep clear associations with what Switzerland is famous for - beautiful nature, lakes and mountains - and, naturally, add some landmarks of Zürich itself.

November 2017

Jeffrey Vella as A Pinch of Design Frontman

Croatian gastro journal Kult Plave Kamenice published the interview with the Maltese - Croatian chef Jeffrey Vella.

'Within A Pinch of Design brand, which brings together Croatian and international marketing, branding, design and, most importantly, culinary experts, Vella has set up a number of restaurant projects in important European cities, including Niza, Zurich, Riga, Copenhagen and Stuttgart.'


November 2017

The coolest Brasserie in Copenhagen got its launch

Chef Jeffrey Vella leads the concept development and culinary training for the recently renovated Café Royal in the heart of the city.

Here, you will be welcomed all day and be able to enjoy breakfast, weekend brunches, and the unique Afternoon Tea inspired by the designs of Arne Jacobsen. The restaurant also has a well-assorted dinner menu with classical bistro dishes and dry-aged meat.

October 2017

Bocca Buona Stuttgart is officially opened

Following its hugely popular launch in Riga and Nice, the vibrant and colorful Bocca Buona is now set to take a pizza the foodie action in Germany, serving authentic, fresh, seasonal cooking – with the powerful flavor combinations for which Italian food is renowned.

October 2017

Bocca Buona bursts onto the German restaurant scene

Something really BUONA is about to bring a smile to the mouths of Italian food lovers in Stuttgart: Park Inn by Radisson’s brilliant Bocca Buona is coming to town…

"We are immensely excited to bring the fantastic Bocca Buona concept to Park Inn by Radisson Stuttgart," said Philip Mahoney, the Vice President Food & Drinks at Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. "Guests at our Riga and Nice hotels have loved our authentic Italian experience at Bocca Buona, as well as the gorgeous surroundings and style of the concept. We look forward to sharing this delicious experience, created from the highest-quality ingredients and great passion, with our guests in Stuttgart."

Norbert Schneider, General Manager at the Park Inn by Radisson Stuttgart said proudly: “We’re delighted that Bocca Buona will bring a successful concept on the scene that all our guests – and the local community – can really look forward to.”

Buon appetito!

May 2017

Oranž Streets by Jeffrey Vella boast of its modern interior

Apart from the novelties in the kitchen, Oranž Streets can also boast of its modern interior, designed by team of creative individuals who introduced new elements based on the Scandinavian approach. Simple elegance with a dose of practicality and ecological approach to the materials are the most distinguished features of the northern style in the space, conceived in a way that every guest feels as enjoyable and relaxed.

May 2017

Marijan Maksan is the winner of the first Cocktail Week 2017

Marijan Maksan, Head Bartender and Concept Curator at Dežman Mini Bar Zagreb, won the award for the best bar and for the best signature cocktail Domino at the Cocktail Week Zagreb 2017.

Marijan was proclaimed one of the most talented Croatian barmen who established, together with the bartenders Jovan Pupovac and Mate Filipovic, Dežman's bar as the central place for craft cocktails in Zagreb and Croatia shortly after the opening.

March 2017

Oranž Streets rated as the best Street Food bistro in Zagreb

This micro bistro of the famous Maltese-Croatian Chef Jeffrey Vella shows what happens when a high-cuisine chef takes over burgers, salads and other seemingly simple dishes. Oranž Streets introduced to Zagreb's gastro scene an ubiquitous technique and a perfect sense of combining tastes.

'Our favorites are, from the menu that often changes, home-made burgers, tartar steak and black risotto. Wine selection is very good, with good prices.'


December 2016

Bocca Buona is launched at Park Inn by Radisson Valdemara Riga

Our on-site Italian restaurant, Bocca Buona is an intimate place to dine and offers a menu of authentic Italian and international cuisine with a wide selection of wines as well as a breakfast buffet. The colorful and cozy atmosphere of the restaurant and lounge bar makes it an ideal place to relax with a glass of wine or favorite cocktail after a long day exploring Riga, the capital of the Baltics!

September 2016

Bienal exhibition of Croatian design 1516

9 of our works was selected for the Biennial exhibition of Croatian design 1516, organised by the Croatian Designers Society. The exhibited works include: Bocca Buona visual identity, posters Zvizdan, Kosac, Zvir, ili_ili packaging and others.

July 2016

La Canaria Restaurant is now opened

La Canaria Restaurant located in Arguineguín, at Radisson Blu Resort Gran Canaria, is now officially opened. Special thanks to our colleagues from Proyecta XXI Project Management, it was a pleasure working with you.

October 2015

Bocca Buona Nice Opening Night

A great inauguration evening, many thanks to all our guests and partners. Our restaurant is open now, the whole team is happy to welcome you in a cosy, casual ambience where you can enjoy delicious Italian food.

September 2015

A Pinch of Design visual identity is created

A Pinch of Design agency is launched as a collaboration of architects, interior and graphic designers, and F&D experts that offer a range of specialist services from strategy creation to design to brand and image through to implementation and operational support for retail, restaurants, bars, cafés & hotels.

May 2015

Šesnić & Turković won Regpak award

ili_ili packaging for Grupa Studio lamps won Regpak award for the best packaging design in the region. Ili_ili packaging now has the opportunity to be directly nominated for the prestigious WorldStar award and thus present and affirm both design and brand qualities

September 2014

Bienal exhibition of Croatian design 1314

10 of our projects underwent the selection for Bienal exhibition of Croatian design 1314. Our exhibited work include: visual identities of Arhitektura & Arheologija, MC Faust Vrančić, posters Aida, Ciguli Miguli, Cirkus!, Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Hush and packaging for Kontra, Edicta Pharm and Micica.

September 2013

The Dieline portal published Razatuša and HNK wines packaging

The Dieline, one of the leading design web-portals specialised in the packaging, has published the olive oil Razatuša and HNK wines in its selection of the best packaging designs.

June 2012

Two Red Dots Awards

Two Red Dot awards just entered Šesnić & Turković studio. One Red Dot is awarded for the poster of Tomaž Pandur's play "War and Peace", which was the biggest coproduction in 2012 of National Theatre Zagreb and Pandur Theatre from Slovenia. The second Red Dot was awarded for the package design for Razatuša olive oil.

May 2011

Art Directors Club New York - Bronze Cube Award

Designers from Šesnić & Turković studio have won the prestigious Art Directors Club New York - Bronze Cube Award in the Environmental Design category for the "At Cuculić's Place" exhibition design. Art Directors Club is one of the most significant and oldest design manifestations in the world, and the studio entered the prestigious club of the most successful companies from design field.

December 2010

Red Dot Award - Best of the Best

Šesnić & Turković studio, part of A Pinch of Design agency, has won the prestigious Red Dot award: Best of the Best for the exhibition named "At Cuculić's Place" designed for the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka, Croatia. The Red Dot is one of the most prestigious design awards with over 600 participants each year from all around the globe.