Coca-Cola Monography

Coca-Cola HBC Croatia

50 years of Coca-Cola in Croatia

Background and brief

In December 2018. Coca-Cola HBC Croatia celebrated 50 years of existence in Croatia. For that occasion client decided to create a book which talks about activities, history and influence of Coca-Cola in Croatia during the past 50 years.

Our Solution

The book was created as a gift to all 700 guests on the 50th years gala celebration. Therefore we designed a gift box containing the book and a bottle of Coca-Cola to complete the experience. Metal bottle cap was inserted on the book cover as the logotype. Bottle cap is also used as part of illustrations at the beginning of each chapter to emphasise importance and presence of the brand.

Services Provided

Brand Values
Logo Design & Signage
Packaging & Product Design

Project Completion Date

Winter 2018

Project Team

Marko Šesnić, Goran Turković, Andrea Sužnjević