Filini Hamburg

Radisson Blu Hamburg, Germany

Piano, piano como mande la tradizione

Background and brief

Located on the doorstep of the airport and only 9 kilometers from Hamburg’s city center, Radisson Blu Airport Hotel offers a brilliant business and leisure stays. Combining sophistication with an inviting and warm atmosphere, the social spaces become an integral part of the Radisson Blu experience and give guests more opportunities to reflect, relax, socialize, indulge and get inspired.

Our Solution

Filini restaurant reflects the Italian way of living and a cosy, crowdy and noisy atmosphere under the Mediterreanean sun. Flooring, wall finishes and furniture design proposal, all together with lighting and decoration items provide guests with a spectacular sensation of arriving to a place of a rich, multiplied and vibrant ambience. Social spaces are set-up for various functions and types of guests, from business travellers, individuals or families, to resident clients.

Restaurant design offers a solid, authentic and sophisticated ambience for hotel guests to meet, chat, have a drink or dinner. A set of multi-functional spaces are created for all groups of customers to interact easily in the course of all-day use, each characterised with specific design features.

Filini provides a community feel, the concept of Italian family and friends gathered around a large communal table with food free for everyone to share and taste different flavours. The stylish and elegant atmosphere of Filini is rendered through thoughtful use of materials and furniture in each restaurant area.

Services Provided

Brand Values
Interior Design Guidelines
Styling Directions

Project Completion Date

Summer 2017

Project Team

Nataša Ivanišević, Sandra Barcons Planella, Jordi Parcet Comas