Shanghai Kitchen

Visual identity, Global brand

East meets West

Background and brief

Shanghai Kitchen is a stylish restaurant concept designed for Radisson Hotel Group, physically located in Radisson properties but positioned as a stand-alone brand with no obvious connection to the hotel context.

Shanghai Kitchen captures the vibrancy and exoticism of Chinese culture in its stylish ambience and signature dishes.

Our Solution

Visual identity is a modern interpretation of traditional Chinese calligraphy, creating a pure and minimalist image of the brand logo with a touch of ink. Minimalistic typography blend tradition with contemporary flair.

Food & drinks menu design aims to distinguish Shanghai Kitchen from a typical Chinese street food restaurant and to bring upper scale impression of RHG hotels.

Services Provided

Brand Values
Conceptual Brief
Logo Design & Signage
Research & Insight
Visual Identity

Project Completion Date

Spring 2019

Project Team

Marko Šesnić, Goran Turković, Andrea Sužnjević, Nataša Ivanišević